Melody DeJesus

Hi. I’m Melody DeJesus

I solve problems through creative and visual solutions for start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs .



The creative process involves the client in every step. Think of me as your design therapist. I’ll take your story and create a visual representation that really brings your company to life. Not only will I “make it look good,” I will make sure it works well.


Sky’s the Limit

Self employment has given me the opportunity to travel the world for the past 2 years. From California, to Nicaragua, even Japan, I have enjoyed the liberty of really finding work/life balance. Who said that my office had to be within white walls or cubicles?



Most designers use one side of their brain–the right side, but I’ve always taken a more analytical and strategic approach. I don’t design just for design’s stake. I aim to find reason and data behind my approach. And because of that, I find success in what I produce.


My clients range from small businesses, like a small Yemeni law office, to a large corporation, like that creates insurance software. I’m not picky with the industry, I just want to make sure their ethos matches mine.


Sure, some think all the fun is in the design, but I enjoy the process and efficiency that goes into a production workflow process. I aim to create InDesign templates that save time, and create cohesion within a series. I’ve finally found a place for my OCD ways.