Early Foundations

Art direction and book design for Early Foundations, an educational program for Pre-school teachers, parents, and home schoolers.

The new program was created to establish a formal teaching process for the young age group of Pre-K students. It’s composed of 10 topic spiral-bound teacher resource books, containing instructional material, student assessments, and activities. The visual attributes are fun, bubbly, and friendly!

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Book Design


How I Helped

During this project, I art directed and designed the Early Foundations teacher resource guides, student handbook, as well as marketing material.

I used bold colors and a playful font to catch the attention of the Pre-K students and teachers alike. The logo design inspired the creative direction of the program, one that’s filled with fun and youthful branding.

  • Visual Identity: Colors, fonts, illustrator

  • Art Direction: for illustrator. Illustrator commission

  • Graphic Design: book design, content marketing design, photo research

InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator