College Board Book Redesign


The College Board is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 1899. They develop and administer standardized tests, including the most commonly known SATs.


Pre-AP is 1 of many programs created by The College Board. It is an 8-course program created to prepare students for AP and other college-level coursework, including teacher and student resources for English, Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, Art, World History, and Geography. The original design was difficult for teachers to navigate, it lacked structure and hierarchy, and the use of imagery was non-existent. In addition, the program was in need of a redesign to modernize the look and feel. Although the content is text-heavy, there was a desire to enhance the program, including but not limited to a color palette to differentiate the varying courses and an icon library to distinguish the areas of focus.



Art Director
Graphic Designer


Art Direction
Book Design
Template Design


How I Helped

I redesigned the Pre-AP teacher and student resources with a modern and clean composition, minimizing the fonts used, adding strong Unit openers with imagery, and including graphic features. The courses are differentiated by color and have tab features to indicate the unit and section.

Final assets include InDesign documented sample and template, in addition to a style guide and art standards document for the production vendor.

  • Art Direction: Typography, colors, style guide, art guide

  • Book Design: Teacher Resource, Student Resource, Student Reader



Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat