I am a creative director, strategist, and designer. In the past 10 years, I’ve created visual experiences that are thoughtful and attractive. I provide strategic direction and design in brand development, visual identity, logos, content marketing, web development, and book design.

Clients range from top innovative companies like College Board to start-ups like BindHQ. No matter the size, I’m committed to establishing a strong collaborative relationship with each client, and focusing on designing thoughtfully and efficiently.




Discovery and Strategy

Discovery analysis of brand and customer/user. The goals and needs.

Business strategy to identify best forms of awareness, marketing, top priorities and goals.

Book Design

Art direction for typography, color palette, and illustrations

Cover and page layout design

Content Marketing Design

Content creation for digital and print collateral

Visual Identity

Art direction on style of the brand: fonts, colors, and visual language

Logo design and marketing material

Visual identity for brand through awareness and marketing, both print and digital products






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